What Are Some Famous Automobile Emblems?

What Are Some Famous Automobile Emblems?

As of 2015, famous automobile emblems include Ford Motor Company's blue oval with white script letters, Chevrolet's gold bowtie, Ferrari's prancing horse and the Maserati trident. Other enduring emblems are the black, gold and red Porsche crest, and the Mercedes three-point silver star in the center of a circle.

The original Ford emblem of 1903 included the company's full name, city and state on a black and white background. In 1909, Childe Harold Wills, the company's chief engineer, shortened the name and wrote the cursive letters that continue to grace the emblem. In 1927, Ford added the blue oval.

Chevrolet has more than one story explaining the origin of its emblem, which resembles a modified Swiss cross. One story is that Louis Chevrolet created the original blue symbol to honor Switzerland, where his parents were born.

Italian carmaker and racecar driver Enzo Ferrari created his company's iconic symbol in memory of an Italian fighter pilot who flew missions in a plane imprinted with an image of a prancing horse. The color yellow on the emblem acknowledges Modena, Italy, where the company builds its world-famous cars.

Founded in Bologna, Italy, the company that builds Maseratis created a car emblem in 1926 honoring the city and its statute of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, holding his trident scepter. The blue and red of the emblem are a display of the city's colors.

Ferdinand Porsche developed and introduced his company's emblem in 1952. The symbol highlights a horse and Stuttgart, Germany. Originally a horse stud farm, the city is the carmaker's headquarters. The black and red stripes and the antlers in the crest acknowledge the Kingdom of Württemberg, a former German state.