What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Tractor?


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Factors to consider when buying a used tractor include flood or fire damage, wear and tear, tire kicking, steering and leaks. Buyers are advised to have a qualified mechanic inspect the tractor before purchasing.

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What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Tractor?
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Flood or fire damage can cause structural problems with the tractor, making it expensive to run in the long-term. This is easy to hide by repainting and replacing the rear differential, cab and engine. An inspection by a mechanic can reveal such damage.

Next, the wear and tear of the tractor should coincide with the tractor hours. Low hours translate to little wear and tear on the carpet, mats and foot pedals. If this is not the case, the seller could be untruthful about the number of tractor hours.

Reconsider purchasing a tractor with tire threads that are severely worn. Purchasing new tires adds significantly to the overall cost of owning the tractor.

The steering should be inspected by moving the steering wheel back and forth. It should feel comfortable and give a good indication of the overall condition of the machine. Test the differential by turning a corner while driving.

Lastly, tractor leaks can lead to additional expenses in repairs on top of the buying price. Inspect the hydraulics for leaks. Oil streaks on the hubs and tires usually indicate a defective shaft seal.

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