What Factors Affect a Used Toyota Rav4?


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The major factors affecting the price of a used Toyota RAV4 SUV are the vehicle's model year, mileage and overall condition. Options also affect the used price of one of these vehicles, particularly for RAV4 models originally sold before 2012 that have alternative engine options.

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Condition is likely to be the largest factor affecting the price of a specific used RAV4. For example, a 2012 RAV4 considered to be in good condition with average mileage is reported to have an average sales price from a private party of approximately $18,951 as of August 2015, as reported by Kelley Blue Book. The same vehicle with the same options and mileage in only fair condition has an average sales price of $18,068. An extra 10,000 driving miles only reduces the average sale price by $700 in comparison.

Newer model year RAV4 SUVs tend to sell for more on the used market than older model vehicles if all other factors remain equal, though this is not always the case. For RAV4s built for the 2012 model year or before, the presence of alternative engines, such as the 3.5-liter V-6 offered on the 2012 RAV4, may increase prices significantly. Alternate engine options were discontinued on the 2013 and later models, but options such as four-wheel drive or the electric EV option may also significantly affect a particular RAV4's used price.

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