What Factors Affect Brake Repair Costs?

factors-affect-brake-repair-costs Credit: Goodluz/iStock/Getty Images

Factors that affect the cost of brake repairs include the make and model of the vehicle, whether or not it needs brakes or just brake pads, and whether or not the callipers, rotors or brake discs require replacement too. Whether front or back brakes require replacement may also affect the price of repairs. Costs for brake repairs vary widely among service centers, which makes it a good idea to shop around to find the best price on repairs.

Sometimes only the brakes’ pads needs replacement, which makes the total repair cost less. Front replacement pads and back replacement pads vary in cost, so whether the car requires front or back replacements factors into how much the brake repair ultimately costs.

If the calipers and rear discs or the brake discs and calipers require replacement, the cost of brake service can be substantially greater. Calipers can run from $90 to $500, depending on the vehicle’s model. Rear discs and calipers may cost from $60 to $1,000.

Because brake pads and rotors wear out in pairs, they must be replaced in pairs, which inflates the bill for repairs. Calipers do not require changing in pairs, however, so it is possible for one caliper to need replacement without having to replace the other.