How Do You Explain a Golf Cart Tire Size?

How Do You Explain a Golf Cart Tire Size?

A golf cart tire sizing code comprises of three numbers that indicate the height and width of the tire and wheel diameter, respectively. All the measurements are given in inches. The letters after the numbers indicate how much pressure the tire can withstand.

The sizing code of a golf cart tire is given on its sidewall in embossed letters and numbers that are quite easily visible. This code comprises of three numbers, with the first two being separated by an 'x' and the third with a '-'.

For example, on a standard tire for a golf cart, the size coding on the sidewall will be 18x8.50-8. This implies that the height or the overall diameter of the tire is 18 inches, the width at the tread is 8.50 inches and the diameter of the vehicle's wheel is 8 inches.

If the numbers of the size code are two or three digit figures, it implies that the measurements are given in the metric system. However, in this case also the last number or the wheel diameter is in inches.

The letters NHS that follow these numbers stand for Non Highway Service. This indicates that the tire cannot handle pressure of rotation at high speeds. The ply rating and tire pressure in pounds per square inch are also indicated on the sidewall. Most golf carts have a PSI 15 and 25 pounds per square inch.