What Exams Do Online CDL Training Programs Cover?

Online commercial driver's license programs cover all the key basics required for acquiring a CDL, including the general knowledge test, air brake restriction test, Class B knowledge test and the combination, or Class A, knowledge test. Online courses are available for specialized CDL exams as well, such as the hazardous materials test, school bus test, double and triples endorsement and tanker endorsement. Speciality endorsements can be added to a driver's CDL any time after he has acquired the initial endorsement.

Typically, the first step to acquiring a CDL is to pass the general knowledge test and, in most cases, the air brake endorsement test. That allows drivers to carry a CDL permit and gain the necessary road time and skills to pass the CDL test. Online CDL programs cover the material contained in both of those exams. Passing only those tests allow a driver to earn a Class B CDL for a fixed-axle truck.

Other endorsements require more knowledge tests to earn the endorsement. Online courses help drivers through the most common endorsements. Passing the combination endorsement allows a driver to carry a Class A CDL and drive a single trailer tractor-trailer combination with a flat bed or dry box.