What Are Some Examples of Truck Paint Schemes?


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Overlaying a vibrant body color with a comic-book-style superhero drawn with jagged lines and pencil-stroke patterns creates a unique interpretation of a classic scheme. Another strong and eye-catching scheme uses paint to create an underwater world on each side of the truck. Including dimensional sharks or other undersea beings, plants, and bubbles add to the scheme's realism and depth. The two-tone scheme is simple, clean and classic and lets the color combination tells a story.

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A two-tone scheme can also be varied by adding one of the colors in an unique pattern, perhaps bright-white clouds on a sky-blue background or a peach undercoat with metallic-orange, spear-like shapes randomly dissecting the truck's roof and side panels. Another scheme adds a dividing line of white flames between bright-red panels and black roof and hood. A flame design using two or three colors can be used to cover the entire truck as well, the color combination setting the tone. Regardless of the body scheme selected, color-coordinating the wheels completes the desired effect.

Truck owners also experiment with designs, graphics and color combinations of their own, using colored pencils, marking pens and paper. Truck Trend Network suggests checking out the paint schemes in action movies and on matchbox cars for ideas and also advises taping out potential graphics on the truck before making a final decision.

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