What Are Some Examples of Theory Questions Found on a Driver's Test?


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Examples of theory questions typically found on a driver's test include, "If your car has unbalanced wheels, what can this cause?" and, "You are involved in a collision. What documents may the police ask you to produce?" A theory question usually gives the test-taker a scenario and asks him to make the best choice, such as, "You are driving along a wet road. How can you tell if your vehicle's tires are losing their grip on the surface?"

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Questions typically are split into different categories that include road and traffic signs, alertness, hazard perception, documents, vehicle loading and others. It is common for pictures to accompany some questions, especially in the road and traffic signs categories. Some of the questions are multiple choice; for example, "There has been a collision, and a driver is suffering from shock. What two of these things should you do?" In this case, the learner selects two answers from the list of possible answers provided.

Hazard perception tests assess the learner’s ability to detect and react to potential hazards. A leaner watches a video of an everyday road scene that has at least one developing hazard. If he reacts in time and clicks the button as per the instructions, he gains more points; however, clicking repeatedly leads to a zero score for that scenario.

Fortunately, there are many revision resources available for learners before taking a driver's theory test. However, it is advisable that learners stick to the theory test practice exercises based on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority syllabus, as they cover the topics featured in the official theory test.

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