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Some prominent examples of French cars as of 2014 include the Renault Sport Spider, the Bugatti EB110, the Citroen C4 Coupe, the Renault Alpine and the Bugatti Veyron. All of the cars mentioned are designed and manufactured by French-based car companies. The largest car manufacturer headquartered in France is Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. Other notable manufacturers includes Bugatti, Venturi and Exagon Motors.

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The Renault Sport Spider was a limited edition car produced between 1996 and 1999 by Renault after its departure from the North American vehicle market. The car featured an in-line four-cylinder 1998 cc engine which was able to generate up to 148 brake horsepower and 136 pounds per-feet of torque. When it was first released, a new Sport Spider was priced at 25,950 pound sterling. Renault claimed that the car was able to go from 0-to-60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds.

As of 2014, the Bugatti Veyron is one of the most expensive cars available on the market with a retail price of 1.7 million dollars for its base model. The car is assembled at Bugatti's facility is Molsheim in France and was designed by Josef Kaban. As of 2014, the Super Sport version of the Veyron has a maximum speed of 431.072 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest production car in the world.

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