Will There Ever Be Pilotless Airplanes?


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Many experts seem to agree that fully automated airline flights are an eventuality rather than a fantasy. Some sources indicate that cargo planes are likely to be the first civilian aircraft to operate without flight crew, which could take place in the 2030s. Automation technology has become increasingly important to pilots, but some passengers may be nervous about flying on a plane with no pilot or other flight crew.

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Will There Ever Be Pilotless Airplanes?
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Some airline passengers may be frightened by the idea of a pilotless plane, but according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, there may be a perspective that could change that feeling. For example, elevators once required operation by a trained professional, and there are several other forms of automated transportation, such as freight trains and commuter trains, that may once have seemed too dangerous to leave in the hands of a computerized operator. However, unmanned aircraft is already a reality in the military, which uses these aircrafts, also known as drones, to carry out attacks and surveillance operations that may be too dangerous for human pilots.

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