How Do You Find an Ethanol-Free Gas Station?

Information about the locations of ethanol-free gas stations can be found on websites dedicated to ethanol-free gas, such as and, as of March 2015. The gas stations listed on these sites do not mix ethanol into their supplies of fossil fuel-based gasoline.

Users visiting are able to read about the reasons to avoid ethanol-infused gasoline along with accessing tools to locate nearby stations. To view its listings, users must choose a state from the main Select State menu in the left-hand side navigation bar. Once a state has been selected, users are able to view a custom Google Map of the state with special markers for each ethanol-free gas station, along with a general description of the availability of such stations within the state. Each listing contains the station's name, address, phone number and, if available, its website and reviews on the station's Google Plus page.

The site allows users to choose a specific state and then see a list of all available stations within the state. The list consists of the city in which the station exists, the brand of the station, it's octane rating, phone number, address and a link to a map view of the station. The site also features a smart phone app that allows users to access the information as well.