How Do You Estimate the Value of a Used Fishing Boat?


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There are a number of different ways to estimate the price of a used fishing boat, including searching online for similar listings to determine the approximate market price. Both Boats.com and the American Boating Association recommend using the NADA Guide to determine the approximate blue book value of a used boat.

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NADAGuides.com is a comprehensive vehicle listing website that provides pricing information for a variety of different vehicles, including boats and personal watercraft.

To determine the approximate value of a fishing boat using the website, it is necessary to search for the year, make and model of the boat. Once the correct boat has been found, the user must then select all of the optional features and accessories that are included with the boat. Once all of this information has been inputted, the website provides the estimated average and low retail prices for that specific boat with its included options.

Due to the many different engine packages available, it is necessary to search for the approximate price of the boat's engine separately. NADAGuides features a designated section that allows users to find the price of the engine based on its brand, type and horsepower.

The estimated price of the engine can then be added to the estimated price of the boat itself to determine the average retail price of the boat, engine and all included options and accessories.

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