What Is an Engine Swap?


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An engine swap is a process of replacing a car's original engine with another one. Engine swapping replaces the engine with one that is more modern and efficient, making the car more powerful and economical. It is also done to replace a broken engine.

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Engine swapping has become common because of the easy accessibility of used motor vehicles from their domestic market. Fitting an engine intended to work in the car by the manufacturer is much simpler compared to swapping with a totally different engine. The latter requires more work on modification like modifying the chassis of the car for the engine to fit, modifying the engine to fit the car and customizing engine mounts. Transmission bellhousing adaptors are also modified to interface them with a custom-build drive shaft. Wiring on the old engine is removed and replaced with a new one If the new engine is not carbureted.

Engine swapping has implication on the car performance, safety, handling and reliability. A new engine may complicate the braking system, transmission and suspension of the car due to increased weight. There is also increased running cost as insurance companies charge more or refuse to insure a vehicle fitted with a different engine from its initial configuration.

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