What Are the Engine Specifications for a Ford Ranger?


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The 2011 Ford Ranger compact pickup was offered with a 2.3-liter inline-four engine and an optional 4-liter V6. The 2011 model is the most recent model year produced by Ford as of 2015.

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The 2011 Ford Ranger's standard four-cylinder engine was part of the Duratec line of Ford engines, and produced 143 peak horsepower and 153 foot-pounds of torque. The engine is a Mazda-derived powerplant code-named 23NS for "North-South" to indicate its longitudinal-mounted design. It is a torque-biased engine design that does not use variable-valve timing technologies unlike some related engine designs, and was first introduced to the Ranger pickup line in 2001 models.

The Cologne V6 engine used in the 2011 Ford Ranger is a derivative of the Ford Taunus engine family, so named because of its production in Cologne, Germany. This engine is a single overhead cam design rather than the typical pushrod used in the Cologne engine series. It produced a peak 210 horsepower and 254 foot-pounds of torque. Unusual features of the Cologne design include its use of a jackshaft rather than a camshaft to drive its timing chains. Like the 23NS engine, this V6 motor was available from the 2001 model year until the end of production of the Ford Ranger in December of 2011.

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