How Do You Find Engine ID Numbers?

Engine ID number locations are typically found stamped on the engine. Engine codes on Honda engines are typically stamped into the side on a clear portion of silver metal. Depending on the series, ID tags on Kubota engines can be located in several places including below the intake manifold, mounting surface at fan side or on the mounting surface of the injection pump.

The location and style of ID number stamped on engines can vary depending on production date. This is especially true for Kubota engines. On Kubota engines manufactured before 2012, ID numbers consist of four to six sequential numbers with no break between it and the production date. Kubota engines manufactured after 2012 feature a unique seven-digit serial number, generally located on a different part of the engine to the model name and number.

Honda engine ID numbers are made up of a four- or five-letter prefix followed by a seven-digit number, usually separated by a dash. Examples of ID locations for engines are listed by

Push mowers and riding mowers, snow throwers and utility engines from Briggs and Stratton also have engine model codes stamped onto an accessible part of the engine. Briggs and Stratton engines often have the serial number and model number stamped onto the overhead valve engine rocker cover. Some generators have decorative covers installed by the equipment manufacturer which need to be removed in order to locate the engine model number.

On Mitsubishi L3E and L2E engines, the ID code is always stamped on the injection pump mount of the cylinder block. The engine number on SL series engines is stamped on the face of the fuel injection pump bracket on the right side of the cylinder. Further information regarding other engine models can be found at