What Are Elio Motor's Trikkes?


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The three-wheeled Trikke model car that Elio Motors builds is, as of 2015, a concept vehicle of low cost. It is meant to be a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly automobile. These cars are reversed trikes, as they feature one wheel in the rear and two wheels in front.

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Elio Motor's Trikke is sometimes referred to simply as the "Elio," since it is the only potential production car Elio has created, as of 2015. It is a fully enclosed, two-seater automobile built in the United States. While it only features a 55-horsepower engine, the Elio's light weight is meant to avoid sluggishness when accelerating.

While the Elio Trikke would not the first reversed trike to enter the market, it is unusual in many ways. Most reversed trikes are essentially modified motorcycles, with the rear wheel driving the vehicle and the two unpowered front wheels providing steering. However, the Elio uses the two front wheels for both steering and driving. In addition to greatly improving the Elio's acceleration relative to other reversed trikes, the front-wheel drive arrangement also makes the vehicle appealing to drivers accustomed to driving traditional four-wheeled automobiles.

One of the Elio's selling points is its very low financial and environmental impact. Despite being fully enclosed and providing comfortable seating for two passengers, the Elio's projected price tag is more similar to that of a motorcycle than even an economy car, as of 2015. Also, with fuel consumption of over 80 miles per gallon, the Elio is gentle toward the driver's long-term finances.

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