How Efficient Is a Diesel Motorhome Compared to a Gas Motorhome?


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While the specifics of individual models may vary, diesel motorhomes tend to be more fuel efficient than gas motor homes because diesel fuel allows for the creation of more energy than gasoline. However, in most areas, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline because it is less commonly used.

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When determining which type of motor home is best for an individual or group, one of the most important factors to consider is the intended use of the vehicle. Diesel motorhomes tend to work best for those who plan to travel an extensive amount, while gas motorhomes are better for the occasional traveler. The benefits of a diesel motorhome may not be experienced if the home is only taken out a few times a year for a few days at a time. While diesel motorhomes are typically more expensive than their gas counterparts, their resale value is also higher. The higher prices typically charged for diesel motorhomes allow them to offer more luxurious interior appointments than most gas motorhomes.

The required maintenance of a diesel motorhome is another important factor. Diesel engines are more expensive to maintain, due to the unique configuration that allows them to process diesel fuel. These motorhomes also tend to have larger chassis, and thus require special equipment to perform any maintenance.

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