Which Edelbrock Carburetor Setups Exist?


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Edelbrock sells four lines of carburetors as of 2015, with the Performer and Thunder Series AVS automotive models available in 500, 600, 750 and 800 cubic feet per minute airflow capacities for different applications. Marine series carburetors are available in 650 and 750 cubic foot per minute capacities, while 94 Series carburetors are tailored for three types of classic Ford and Chevrolet engines. Many of Edelbrock's carburetors are available with both electric and manually actuated chokes.

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The Performer and Thunder Series AVS carburetors are Edelbrock's main products intended for general automotive and performance use. The primary difference between the two product lines is that Thunder Series AVS products feature adjustable valve secondaries that allow owners to quickly tune the opening rate of the carburetor's secondary intake valve.

Edelbrock carburetors with lower airflow capacities are generally intended for small-block engines displacing around 300 cubic centimeters or less, while larger carburetors with airflow capacities of 750 or 800 cubic feet per minute are designed for use with larger small-block and some big-block engine designs. Certain Thunder Series AVS carburetors are also available in versions that are designed specifically for use in off-road vehicles. While electric and manual choke versions are available for most of Edelbrock's products, it is possible to convert some manual choke models to electric chokes with the appropriate part.

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