What Are Ecology Wrecking Yards Used For?


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Ecology Auto Parts wrecking yards take in salvage cars and provide them as sources for parts to customers looking to repair their own vehicles. The wrecking yards also sell scrap metal.

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Ecology Auto Parts runs junkyards that they promote as environmentally sound and helpful. It takes its name from its recycling of old and junked cars. People can come to Ecology Auto Parts yards, examine the cars they possess and buy whatever parts are useful to their vehicles. Ecology promotes its locations as clean and easy to search because its cars are arranged by year and type. The yards raise the cars above the ground so customers can remove the parts without trying to lift the cars themselves. Ecology is limited in size, however, with most of its wrecking yards in the Southwest, and all but two of them in California.

The Ecology wrecking yard in Phoenix may not be as clean as Ecology promotes on their main website according to an article in the Phoenix New Times. While Ecology receives praise for the organization of the wrecking yard, it also receives criticism for their lack of employee interaction with customers and the condition of some car parts. In general, however, these criticisms apply to other junkyards as well.

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