What Is an EcoBoost Engine?


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EcoBoost is a line of engines developed by Ford Motor Company, which they began manufacturing in 2010. EcoBoost engines use a combination of direct fuel injection, variable camshafts and a turbocharger to provide increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing anything in terms of torque, horsepower or overall performance.

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While the primary focus of the EcoBoost engine is on increasing fuel efficiency, the turbocharger allows these smaller engines to still be just as powerful by pushing more air into the engine whenever extra power is needed, such as when towing. EcoBoost engines have been proven to offer around 20 percent better gas mileage, while still delivering the same amount of power as their larger counterparts. For instance, the V6 EcoBoost engine available in the Ford F150 provides the same power as the much larger standard V8 that it replaced.

As of 2014, Ford has made the EcoBoost engine an option on more than 90 percent of their vehicle models, although most of the vehicles that feature this engine are top of the line models. Vehicles with the EcoBoost engine are generally more expensive than their standard counterparts, although they are still much cheaper than hybrids, diesels and other more fuel efficient engines.

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