How Do You Know EBid Online Auctions Are Legit?


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While there is no way to completely verify that an eBid online auction is legitimate, you can determine the legitimacy of many auctions by checking the seller's feedback rating and looking for common fraudulent auction warning signs, such as an item priced much lower than its market value or a seller that asks for less secure payment methods. Use a secure payment method, such as PayPal or an escrow service for vehicle purchases, to minimize the chances of fraud.

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Positive feedback doesn't always indicate a trustworthy seller, as there are feedback scams that allow a scam artist to get a high feedback rating. However, sellers with a large number of positive reviews tend to be more trustworthy than sellers with few reviews or those with many negative reviews. Avoid sellers with little feedback that are selling a high-priced item or that are selling an item for less than its market value, as these are often scams.

PayPal and escrow services are secure because PayPal offers buyer protection, and escrow services don't release the money to the seller until the buyer has the item. If the seller uses a less secure method, such as a wire transfer, it may be because the auction isn't legitimate. When buying vehicles and other expensive purchases, an escrow service is the most secure option.

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