Does EBay Motors Allow Project Cars to Be Listed?


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The auction website eBay does allow a user to post a part car, or project car, for sale. However, before the posting is published the user must clarify the vehicle is not in working condition and clearly for any potential buyers.

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eBay utilizes and stringent buyer's protection system which give the buyer many opportunities to claim a refund. When posting a damaged item of eBay it needs to be properly specified, if not–the buyer will be able to open a claim against the seller.

To properly specify the condition of the vehicle, fill out the specifics such as mileage, location and age. Provide a VIN number and specifically state its problems and condition of the tile. eBay is known as a great platform to sell unwanted goods. It is also worth mentioning, the first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer.

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