What Are Some Easy Ways for Making a Soap Box Car?


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Easy methods for making a soapbox car include modifying existing vehicles and cobbling together found materials. Another easy method for building a soapbox car is by using a kit.

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The basic elements of a soapbox car are a platform for sitting and wheels. Most cars also have at least a rudimentary steering system. The easiest method for building a soapbox car from scratch is to upcycle a wagon.

Another method for building a soapbox car is to start with a crate, such as an actual soapbox or one that was used to hold produce. From there, remove the wheels from another vehicle, such as a wagon or stroller, and attach them to the bottom of the crate. This is the most basic model for a soapbox car.

An easy method for creating the steering is to attach a rope to the front wheels and run it to the front of the car. The front wheels need to be on an axle.

Another relatively easy method for building the steering is to drill a hole in the middle of a wooden block and connect the block to the axle of the car with a screw. This allows drivers to steer with their feet on either side of the block.

Websites such as GoKit.com sell soapbox car kits that include all instructions and necessary materials for building a soapbox car.

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