What Are Some Easy Ways to Customize Your Own Car?


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Easy ways to customize your car include changing the lights, switching out the shift knob, adding an aftermarket steering wheel, changing the wheels and tinting the windows. While many younger drivers desire a car that's fully customized, certain methods are more expensive than others and don't recoup their overall cost.

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What Are Some Easy Ways to Customize Your Own Car?
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You can change the current lights on your car with HID light bulbs or LEDs. HID lights can start out at about $70 while LED lights for more expensive car models can cost $185. Lights are available in a variety of colors and price ranges.

You can switch out your shift knob with a number of different designs, including skulls, pirates or clowns. Shift knobs can be one of the least expensive car customizations and can be personally tailored to fit your desires.

Aftermarket steering wheels are designed to make you feel more like a race car driver. One thing to note with switching to an aftermarket steering wheel is that your airbag must be removed to install it. An alternate customization is to instead buy a cover for your current steering wheel.

New wheels can start as low as $50 per wheel, but can cost thousands of dollars more. Consider hubcaps or starting your search at a local junkyard. You may also want to consider getting new rims.

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