What Is an Easy Way to Remove My Car Dashboard?

To remove a car dashboard, first take out the seating compartment trim panels, steering wheel, center console and the instrument cluster located over the steering column. Undo all the electrical connections beneath the dashboard, remove the vents, undo the dashboard's fasteners, and pull the dashboard out.

Begin removing the dashboard of a car by positioning the front wheels straight, and locking the steering column. Disable the car's airbags, detach the vehicle battery's negative cable, and apply the parking brake.

The front door trim panels to be removed include the windshield and floorboard panels. To detach the steering wheel, first disable its airbag. To do this, remove the fasteners located on the wheel's side, lift the module, and undo its connectors. Undo the steering shaft's bolt, remove the clock spring terminal's electrical connection, and gently pull the wheel to detach it from the shaft.

To take out the center console, remove the gear shift's trim bezel and trim panels by undoing the relevant screws. If required, also remove the lever knob of the gear shift. Similarly, remove the instrument cluster by prying off its bezel and clips. Undo the mounting screws, tug the instrument cluster out, and detach its connector. Detach the top bracket of the cowl from inside the opening of the cluster by removing the fasteners.

Disconnect the driver's-side bulkhead connector and the passenger-side antenna connector. Lift off the vents of the air conditioner. Locate the dashboard's end caps positioned on its sides, and pry them off using a trim stick. Undo the retaining fasteners located under the caps. Disconnect any connectors, if required.

Finally, tug the dashboard towards you. Have someone assist you in this task.