Is It Easy to Renew License Plates at the DMV?

It is easy to renew license plates at the DMV. Generally, the process consists of filling out an application, providing the necessary information about yourself and your vehicle, and paying the renewal fee.

To renew your license plate, first complete and sign your renewal notice or application. On this form, along with your basic personal and contact information, you need to provide your driver's license number as well as your vehicle's license plate number. Next, pay the appropriate vehicle registration renewal fee, generally with either a check or credit card. There are some DMV offices that accept cash or money orders for payment of renewal fees.

After completing these steps, you will likely need to pass a vehicle inspection, smog check or emission test, to ensure your vehicle is in compliance with national environmental standards. Finally, submit your completed registration form and payment of renewal fee to the DMV. You will receive a new vehicle registration card as well as an updated license plate registration sticker to attach to your vehicle's license plate.

Some states let you renew your license plates online every other period, and in many states you can also renew your license plates through the mail. If you are unsure of your individual state's requirements for renewing license plates, visit your local DMV office in person to ask for assistance and information.