What Are Some Easy Electric Scoooter Repairs?


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Some easy electric scooter repairs include fixing faulty motors, defective speed controllers and malfunctioning brake system. Determine the root cause of the problem, and then replace any missing, worn out or damaged components.

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If an electric scooter motor does not run, check to be sure that the power switch is turned on. Replace any burned out fuse, and reset a tripped circuit breaker. If the electric scooter has single speed throttles, try pushing it forward while fully engaging the throttle. Charge the battery pack for eight hours if it has not has been charged for over three months. Examine the speed controller for any burned or melted wires, and replace it if defective.

If the motor runs but the scooter does not move, inspect the power transmission system for proper aeration and missing parts. Replace a damaged rear wheel free clutch, defective chain sprocket or a missing chain. Make sure that the chain is installed correctly on both the motor sprocket and rear wheel sprocket. If the motor spins, but the chain and rear wheel do not move, check if the belt has fallen off or a sprocket is damaged.

If brakes do not function properly, check whether brake pads are worn out, and replace them if necessary.

If the brakes pads are in a good condition, try tightening the brake cable adjuster on the brake lever. If these repair methods do not fix these issues, contact an electric scooter professional for assistance.

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