Which Is the Easiest Way to Prevent a Thief From Hot Wiring Your Car?


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An easy way to prevent a thief from hot wiring your car is to install a kill switch or on-off toggle to the positive circuit of the fuel pump. Hide the switch in the trunk, beneath the driver's seat or in the glove box so that its location is not obvious to a potential thief, and switch it off before leaving the vehicle. The kill switch disables the fuel pump so that the car does not start when hot wired.

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If a thief tries to hot wire a car with a kill switch, he is likely to move to a different vehicle as soon as he experiences problems. On the other hand, a few determined thieves may search for the problem and find the switch. Another more secure option is to install multiple kill switches on different electrical systems to create extensive problems for thieves. This is a particularly good option if a vehicle is to be left unattended for an extended period.

Some remote car starters include a starter-disconnect feature which prevents thieves from hot wiring a car. Installing one of these systems is another way to prevent this kind of theft. There are also professional kill-switch systems, which require a code or a special plastic key to disable.

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