What Is the Easiest Way to Change Transmission Oil?

To change transmission fluid, jack up the front of the vehicle, open the transmission pan, inspect the old transmission fluid, check the gasket, replace the filter and add new fluid. The exact steps to changing transmission fluid depend on the make and model of the car.

Begin by jacking up the front of the vehicle or placing the vehicle on ramps. Lay newspaper underneath the work area to avoid staining the ground. Put on work clothes, and place blocks behind the back wheels for added safety.

Next, refer to the vehicle’s owners’ manual for instructions on how to locate the transmission pan. Place an oil pan underneath the transmission pan before slowly removing the bolts. Allow the old fluid to drain completely before proceeding.

Use fluid to wash the leftover deposits and sediments. Inspect the old transmission fluid in the oil pan for signs of debris, which could indicate impending transmission problems. The fluid should have little or no debris and filings especially if the vehicle is new.

Inspect the gasket for signs of intense wear, and replace if needed. Apply RTV sealant on the pan flange to create a leak-proof and tight seal. Replace the oil filter, being careful when removing the old one because it has fluid in it. Refer to the owners’ manual for tightening specifications. Finally, replace the transmission pan bolts ensuring that they are secure before pouring in the new transmission fluid using a funnel.