What Are Some of the Early Ford Vehicle Models?


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Henry Ford brought out his first car, the Model A, in 1903, the same year that the Ford Motor Company was incorporated. Introduced in 1908, the Model T was said to have put the world on wheels.

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By the time that production of the Model T was halted in 1927, over 15 million of the iconic vehicles had been sold. Based on the Model T car, the Model TT, Ford's first truck, came out in 1917.

With the retirement of the Model T, Ford needed a new vehicle, and in 1927, it came out with the 1928 Model A, the name commemorating his earliest vehicle. The Model A was the first car with safety glass in the windshield.

Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, and this division of Ford produced many luxury cars. Ford had previously dabbled with luxury vehicles, including the Model B in 1904, the Model F in 1905 and the Model K in 1906, but these were not successful with the buying public. However, the Lincoln K-series and the Zephyr fared much better in the 1930s.

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