How Do You Find an E-Z Go Golf Cart Wiring Diagram?

Find electrical wiring diagrams for late model E-Z GO golf carts at, and Locate wiring diagrams for many older and vintage E-Z GO golf cart models at Most newer manuals are for sale, while many older ones are freely available.

EZ-GO's online store has a wide selection of wiring diagrams, rebuild manuals, repair manuals, charger manuals and parts manuals covering everything related to its vehicle's electrical and mechanical systems. The pricing may vary depending on the type of diagrams needed and the model and year of the vehicle. Most of the manuals cover a range of model years and are categorized by gas or electric engine type. has a generic wiring diagram that is not specific for E-Z GO, but the site claims it can be used for the golf carts. The diagram is available for free downloading and viewing. has a limited selection of manuals for specific models of carts available for download and printing in PDF format. Not all models are covered. has wiring diagrams from carts made in the 1950s up to early 1990s models. The diagrams available are free to users and can be viewed from the window of a standard web browser.