What Is a Dune Buggy?


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A dune buggy is a lightweight vehicle that is open on all sides and used for traveling on dunes and on sandy beaches. A dune buggy is also called a "beach buggy."

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What Is a Dune Buggy?
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Dune buggies have large, fat tires for making travel on sand easy and stable. The dune buggy was invented in the 1950s and is usually an open body mounted on a small car engine. Dune buggies are used for recreational driving as well as in the military.

There is some disagreement when it comes to who invented the dune buggy. Bruce Meyers is often credited with its invention, but Meyers himself has stated that although he invented one type of dune buggy, he is not the father of the dune buggy. Many of the first dune buggies were Volkswagen beetle engines equipped with a new, open body, and at the time, dune buggies were primarily used for cruising on the beach.

Some dune buggies have been built to be used by the military to travel in sandy or rough and rocky terrain. United States military dune buggies are called Light Strike Vehicles (LSVs). LSVs are made specifically for the government by Chenowth Racing Products, Inc.

Today's recreational dune buggies are made in a number of different designs. Some are tube-framed and other are made using fiberglass, making them strong and lightweight.

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