What Is a Dump Trailer?


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A dump trailer is a utility trailer equipped with hydraulic pistons. It is usually hooked up to a dump truck or similar vehicle and used to carry and transport items to a dumpsite. The hydraulics allow the vehicle to tilt the bed and dump the contents of the trailer.

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The most common types of dump trailers are the end-dump and side-dump trailers. End-dump trailers have higher sides and can accommodate a higher cubic yardage, though not necessarily more weight. Most newer end-dump trailers have conveyor belts, allowing the truck to load out the gate without increasing elevation. Side-dump trailers are typically used for building roads and for hauling into a hopper or pit. It allows for partial unloading and laying a row of aggregates, which are necessary for construction. Side-dump trailers, however, have limited capacity compared with end-dump trailers.

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