What Is a Dual-Fuel Range?


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A dual-fuel range is a kitchen range that is capable of using both gas and electric. Most of these ranges feature gas stove-tops and electric ovens. This is beneficial because gas is viewed by many to be the prime method of stove-top cooking, while ovens heated by electric are more efficient and provide easier incorporation of self-cleaning functions.

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The gas used to supply dual-fuel ranges can be either propane or natural gas, depending on the model of the range. Propane gas is used in most rural areas where service to natural gas may not be available.

Hook-up of the range is as simple as it is for ordinary ranges as long as both an electrical outlet and a gas line are present near the hook-up site. If only one or the other is available in close proximity, the hook-up can be quite complicated, as installing a new gas line or outlet could require a minor home remodel. While many avid home cooks and top chefs prefer to use gas when cooking on stove-tops for the quick heat response and visual flame confirmation, gas cook-tops can produce a lot of heat when cooking, and therefore may require the use of a vent to keep the kitchen cool.

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