How Do You Take Your Driving Test in Spanish?


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Most Department of Motor Vehicles offices allow walk-in applicants to take the driver's knowledge test, which is available in English and Spanish. Depending on the state, the knowledge test may also be available in other languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Vietnamese.

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To take the driver's knowledge exam, visit a DMV office that conducts the knowledge test. In some states, such as Oregon, the applicant does not need to make an appointment prior to the visit and may just take the exam after presenting the complete requirements. Other states, such as Nevada, have an online driving test scheduling system available for applicants of non-commercial Class C and Class M licenses.

Most DMV offices allow foreign applicants to use a foreign language dictionary. Applicants who are not well-versed in English or Spanish may ask for the help of an authorized interpreter. Physically disabled applicants may also choose to take the oral knowledge test instead of the written exam.

Before taking the actual driver's knowledge test, applicants may study the practice tests provided by the DMV sites of most states. The California DMV offers sample tests in Spanish for regular or non-commercial driver's licenses. The tests are also provided in American Sign Language.

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