What Are Some Driving Aids for the Disabled?


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Pedal extensions for gas and brake pedals, the Handybar disability aid, and wireless reverse cameras are some driving aids for the disabled. Other driving aids include wireless rear back-up sensors, electric parking brakes and the Power Pull.

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Pedal extensions for both brake and gas pedals reduce the distance between the foot and the pedal. Manufacturers customize the pedals during installation to suit the height of the individual. Another aid for drivers who may have trouble reaching devices in a car is the electric parking brake. This brake has one button to automatically engage or disengage the parking brake without physical exertion.

The wireless reverse camera is another driving aid for the physically challenged. By giving the driver a view of where he is reversing, the camera helps maintain safety both outside and inside the car. Similarly, wireless rear back up sensors add safety to a wheelchair van by alerting the driver to any object, person or vehicle in the rear path.

Another aid for the disabled is the Power Pull, an electronically-controlled device that helps a wheelchair-bound person move up and down a handicap van ramp independently. A similar device, the Handybar disability aid, helps people with disabilities safely get out and in of most types of cars on their own.

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