What Is a Drivers' License Number Generator?

The driver’s license number generator is a software designed to guess the license numbers according to a specific order of names. The generator helps generate license numbers using the codes assigned to people’s names.

Many states encode names, gender and date of birth in the license number. Examples of such states include Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin. The encoding systems used in these states are similar. It is easy to guess the exact name, date of birth and gender of people if given their license numbers.

The drivers' license number generator uses the Soundex hashing system for English words. For example, if someone’s license number is F243m his name starts with F followed by a sibilant, followed by another nasal. The generator uses its Soundex codes for all names. The system can generate numbers for different people basing on one code. It is easier to identify license numbers for people sharing names by looking at the initial letters and the specific codes assigned.

However, given that there are many people sharing names, it is possible to get similar numbers of different people. For example, if Jack Willy Spencer and Joshua Wayne Synod were born on the same day they will get the same driver's license number. The system generates overflow numbers where simple sequential numbers are appended to each duplicate number. The workflow helps to resolve the confusion created by people sharing initial letters of their names.