How does a driver safely back up with a trailer?


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Backing up a trailer requires positioning the side-view mirrors to a wider point of view, using a spotter, and practice. Backing up a trailer is a skill that takes practice to master and should be done with caution.

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When a trailer is being backed up, the directions at which it turns are reversed. It takes practice to learn how to properly maneuver the trailer so it can be backed in and out safely. The following instructions explain how to do so.

  1. Position the mirrors
  2. Before towing the trailer position the mirrors so it can see be seen.
  3. Set a spotter
  4. A spotter is a person who tells the driver how much room is left for them to maneuver the trailer. Have the spotter stand somewhere behind the trailer.
  5. Slowly back up
  6. Begin to back in the trailer. When turning right or left the trailer will move the opposite direction. This takes some adjustment.
  7. Practice
  8. Once the technique is learned find an empty parking lot to practice backing up the trailer. Position some cones behind it to learn the extra distance a trailer adds to the vehicle. Continue practicing until there is enough confidence to back up the trailer into public campsites, parking spaces and loading ramps.
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