What Does a Free Driver's License Check Tell You?

A free driver’s license check gives basic information about a person’s driving record, including whether or not his license is active or suspended and when his license was issued. Driver's license checks also provide information on recent accidents.

There are different reasons someone might run a driver’s license check. An employer often runs the check on a potential employee who is being hired for a driving job, such as a delivery driver. Driver's license checks are also used to verify a person’s identity, such as when applying to rent a home.

Driver’s license records usually include any traffic tickets, convictions or DUIs, though they don’t usually list fix-it tickets or those that have been resolved with traffic court. Records also include the status of the license, such as whether it is active, suspended, revoked or canceled. Some DMVs, including the California DMV, also use the DMV Point System, which shows up during the driver’s license check.

In many cases, an individual runs a driver’s license check to see if the license has been suspended. Some common reasons for a suspension include having multiple DUIs or DWIs, not driving with current car insurance or registration, or not completing court-ordered traffic school.