How Do You Get a Driver's License?

How Do You Get a Driver's License?

To get a driver's license, provide required documentation, pass written and vision tests, and then pass a road test. The procedure to obtain a driver’s license in the United States is similar in all states, although requirements vary slightly.

  1. Gather all the necessary documents

    Most states require a Social Security number and personal identification documents, such as a birth certificate, to qualify for a driver's license. Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires proof of residency.

  2. Prepare for the test

    Every applicant is required to take written, vision and driving tests before being approved to drive. Some states offer a free handbook that helps applicants prepare for testing.

  3. Pass the written test

    To be eligible for driving and vision tests, pass the written test. Some DMV offices conduct the vision test together with the written or the driving test. After passing the written test, the DMV schedules an appointment for a driving test.

  4. Pass the driving test

    To take the driving test, arrive at the testing site in an insured vehicle that is in good condition. Only the applicant and the examiner are allowed in the car. After passing the test, provide any other additional information required by the examiner to receive your official driver’s license.