How Do You Take a Driver's Exam in Florida?


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Anyone of legal age who wants to take the driver's exam in Florida must visit the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle office and fill out a driver's license application. The applicant must also present a proof of identification, a Social Security number and a Florida residential address.

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A driver's license applicant must complete a traffic law and substance abuse education course and take the knowledge test in person in a local DHSMV office. A minimal re-take fee applies if the applicant fails to pass the written test.

The applicant must provide his own vehicle for the road test. The vehicle must have a valid registration, have passed vehicle inspection and be covered by an insurance policy that meets minimum requirements. If the applicant fails the first driving test, he needs to reschedule another road test and pay a minimal re-take fee.

A teenager must be at least 15 years old to apply for a learner's permit in Florida. The teen must also complete the driver's education or the traffic law and substance abuse education course, and provide proof of identification, residential address and a Social Security number before taking the exam. Teens under 18 must present a parental consent for a driver's license application. A teen who has completed an online driver's ed course may take the knowledge test online. A 15-year-old applicant must also complete 50 hours of supervised practice driving and obtain a certification in order to earn a graduated or provisional license.

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