How Do You Drive a Manual Automobile With a Centrifugal Clutch?


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Manual transmission vehicles do not have centrifugal clutches. Centrifugal clutches are used in small motorcycles and chainsaws and do not require any additional maneuvering, because the gears shift automatically.

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Manual transmission vehicles use clutches to stop one spinning element while allowing another to continue its motion. For example, a car's engine spins continuously while the car is turned on, but in order to switch gears while driving, you must disengage and reengage the gear shaft; the clutch allows you to do this without stopping the engine to switch gears.

The main difference between driving a manual versus an automatic vehicle is the presence of a clutch pedal, located opposite the breaking and accelerating pedals. In order to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you must put the car into neutral by fully pressing the clutch and making sure the gear shift is in the center and able to move freely. Start the engine, and release the clutch while in neutral. Press the clutch again, and move the gear shift into first position. To move the vehicle, press the accelerator as you release the clutch. Do this slowly, or you may stall the engine. As you accelerate to higher speeds, you need to change gears. To change gears, press the clutch while releasing the accelerator until the gear shifts.

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