How Do You Drift in a Go Kart?

To drift in a go kart, ease back on the gas pedal, and apply the brake slightly while veering the wheel to the left. Make sure the brake pedal is pressed gently and smoothly to avoid a spin out while drifting around corners in a go kart.

  1. Gain a steady speed

    To drift smoothly around the corners, gain a steady speed on the track before approaching the turn. Accelerate only when on the straight portion of the track, and gently ease off the gas pedal as the turn approaches.

  2. Gently apply the brakes

    Press down on the brake pedal slightly before the turn in a smooth fashion. If the brake pedal is pressed too hard, the driver runs the risk of spinning out and losing control of the go kart during the turn. A sudden stop can also put drivers in the path of oncoming go karts traveling at a high speed.

  3. Turn the wheel slightly

    Grab a hold of the steering wheel and veer slightly to the left during the turn to drift as the brake pedal is pressed slightly. Once the go kart has cleared the turn, release the brake pedal and accelerate quickly by pressing the gas pedal to gain speed.