What Are the Dos and Don'ts of Buying a Used Repo Wrecker Truck?


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Repo wrecker trucks, also known as repo tow trucks, come in three categories, making it important to pick the correct vehicle for the necessary workload, according to UsedTruckValues.com. Hiring a mechanic to check for mechanical and safety problems can help to find out if the vehicle is worth purchasing.

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The towing capacity and size of the truck should be taken into consideration to ensure it can perform the necessary workload, states RepoTrucks. Setting a realistic budget to look for repo trucks is helpful when looking through price listings. There are online dealers and companies that hold auctions and sales for repo wrecker trucks, as well as local auto auctions and sales. Negotiating a good deal requires some comparative shopping.

Axis tow trucks and flatbed tow trucks are the two most common types of wrecking trucks. Axis trucks use hydraulic hoists, and flatbed trucks lower from the back of the truck, notes UsedTruckValues. Spare parts, often needed for used vehicles, are more obtainable with name brands such as Hummer, Ford and Chevy. Learning the history of the truck is helpful in knowing how durable it is and the weight it can withstand. There are repo wrecker trucks that are better for light or heavy vehicles.

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