How Do You Get a Donated Car?

To get a donated car, apply to a charity with sufficient proof to substantiate eligibility, and wait for the charity to process the request. Each donated vehicle is matched with the needs of prospective applicants and donated to qualified recipients.

A donated car is given only to those struggling at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Victims of domestic violence, the working poor, the medically needy, victims of natural disasters and non-profit organizations are typical recipients of donated cars. Military families and veterans, families living in transitional living shelters and families transitioning from public assistance to work can also apply to get donated cars.

To apply for a donated car, fill in an application at a local car charity either in person or online. While some charities donate cars to the most needy, others donate based on votes. Generate votes to move up the waiting list to increase chances of being reviewed when a donated vehicle is available. Keep all paperwork ready to process vehicle ownership. The charity that awards the car does not cover insurance and other fees, so have some money set aside to cover these costs. Plan for the days ahead and be prepared to pay recurring charges for the vehicle's upkeep.