How Do Dodge VIN Numbers Work?

Every vehicle's VIN number provides manufacturer identification, as well as vehicle description and identifier. The VIN number consists of a combination of 17 numbers and letters; it is found on either the vehicle's driver-side door jamb, the firewall of the engine or beneath the driver's-side windshield.

In order to decipher a Dodge VIN number, the numbers and letters must be understood. Each vehicle has a unique VIN assigned to it that displays specific information and details about the vehicle.

  1. First digit
  2. The first digit in the VIN number is the country of origin, so a number 1, 4 or 5 would indicate the United States, 2 for Canada, 3 for Mexico, J for Japan, W for Germany, S for England, K for South Korea and Y for Sweden or Finland.

  3. Second digit
  4. The second digit indicates the manufacturer, such as G for General Motors, N for Nissan, A for Audi, L for Lincoln and B for BMW.

  5. The third digit
  6. The third position combined with the first two digits identifies the type of type, such as a passenger vehicle or truck.

  7. Digits 4 through 9
  8. The digits 4 through 8 identify body type, model, transmission type, restraint system and engine type. The ninth digit is used by the Department of transportation as a "check" digit to detect fraudulent VINs.

  9. Digits 10 through 17
  10. The 10th letter displays the model year and the 11th determines the manufacturer's plant where the vehicle was produced. The last six digits show the number of production, so 135029 would indicate the vehicle was the 135,029th vehicle to come off the assembly line in the corresponding plant.