Are Dodge Trucks Safer Vehicles Than Ford Trucks?


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While both Dodge Ram trucks and Ford trucks have very high and comparative safety ratings, some might consider the Ram 1500 to be a safer vehicle than the Ford F150 due to additional safety features such as side impact door beams and the Uconnect communication system, according to the Auto Nation website. In general, the Ram and Ford lines of trucks both come equipped with some of the most advanced safety features in the industry.

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Modern pickup trucks, like any modern vehicles, go through rigorous safety tests and must pass specific guidelines before going into the market. Generally speaking, trucks like those manufactured by Dodge and Ford do well in safety ratings compared to cars due to their larger size. To compare Dodge trucks and Ford trucks on safety, it is appropriate to look at the Ram 1500 and the Dodge F150, as they are similar in size and class.

Both the Ram 1500 and the Ford F150 are available with safety features such as rear-facing cameras and front and side airbags. Furthermore, both vehicles have extremely advanced stability control systems designed to be used when the truck is towing heavy loads. While the Ford F150 has a Top Safety Pick award, the two trucks are both considered very safe, and the only difference is that the Ram 1500 comes with additional door beams and advanced front crumple zones, which could give it a slight safety edge, reports Auto Nation.

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