What Is a Dodge Rat Rod?


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A Dodge Rat Rod is a vehicle that is either a refurbished old car made to appear as an older model hot rod, or a custom vehicle meant for the same aesthetic. Some rat rods are heavily modified and even have their older characteristics exaggerated, with larger wheels or other configurations that would not have been seen in the vehicle's base setup.

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The term "rat rod" comes from rat bike, a motorcycle built on a budget, and this meaning carries over to rat rods. A rat rod is usually built from old or cheap cars to create a hot rod with a vintage appearance. Many rat rods feature exposed engines or worn and rusty appearances, while others have more elaborate engine work and are built entirely for the spectacle.

One example of a Dodge rat rod is the 1937 Dodge pickup modified by Jared Seganti. It features barebones metalwork from Seganti's metal shop, with an exposed engine and visible framing. It even lacks side windows or paint across any of the metal sheets shaped to give it the appearance it ended up with. The seats within are made of metal, and the controls are a set of primitive switches and the steering wheel and pedals.

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