Is the Dodge Ram EcoDiesel Energy Efficient?


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The 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 with a V6 EcoDiesel engine gets around 20 miles per gallon overall, which is the highest fuel economy of any full-sized pickup, according to Consumer Reports. Other trucks that are comparable in size, such as the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado, get around 15 to 16 miles per gallon overall.

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Dodge Ram trucks boast that the EcoDiesel V6 engine gets around 28 highway miles per gallon and is able to tow up to 9,200 pounds. The engine is only available on the Ram 1500 truck, and it tends to get more miles per gallon than its Ford EcoBoost and Chevrolet competitor's, according to the Dodge Ram website and Consumer Reports. With a full tank of gas, using as many highways as possible, Dodge advertises that the Ram 1500 with the EcoDiesel engine can make it up to 728 miles before needing to be filled again.

The average fuel economy of the Ram 1500 with EcoDiesel is similar to that of a mid-sized sports utility vehicle. The engine itself costs about $2,800 more than the standard engine, but its added fuel economy will typically pay for itself after around 4 years if driven 12,000 miles per year, according to Mike Quincy of Consumer Reports. That being said, diesel engines usually hold their value significantly longer than gas engines, which makes the added price of the engine a worthwhile investment, as suggested by Tech Times.

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