What Is the Dodge Neon SXT Trim Meaning?

SXT refers to "value-oriented edition" on a Dodge Neon. It was offered along with the standard Dodge Neon, but at a higher price point. It offered better accessories such as audio and standard power options.

The differences between the standard Dodge Neon and SXT relied mainly on the options offered. The exterior of either vehicle was the same besides the emblems found on the rear of the car and the optional spoiler that could be purchased from the SXT. Other options made available to the SXT were:

  • Standard power windows
  • Standard power locks
  • Exterior thermostat
  • Tachometer
  • Upgraded radio options
  • Power mirrors

The SXT was also available in a higher price bracket. The 2005 standard edition Neon was released with an MSRP of $13,800 while the SXT was offered at $16,110. Both cars are powered with a 132 horsepower I4-engine. There were 4-speed automatic transmissions available with overdrive, along with 5-speed manual transmissions.

The SXT was produced with a standard immobilizer system for extra security. It came with a key fob that worked for all of the doors. The power locks were also outfitted with a stage-2 unlock system. Buyers of SXT edition were also offered a special edition wheel and tire package, sporting 15-inch silver aluminum rims with P185/60HR15 Touring AS tires.